Consultancy Services in oil and gas sectors

  Demand for oil could peak by 2030. Solar and wind generation could triple by 2030, but would still make up less than 20% of global power generation. Fuel-economy standards will have a much greater effect on oil demand than electric vehicles (EVs), but demand for fossil fuels will continue to rise. For more or less the past Century, since 1914, the world has been almost continuously at war over control of oil. Gradually with the adoption of clean energy policies in the European Union and most especially in China’s agreeing to significantly cut CO2 emissions by reducing coal generation, as well as advances in natural gas transport technologies, notably in the liquefaction of natural gas or LNG, natural gas has finally become a globally traded market as is oil.

'The Iran’s Unique Position in terms of hydrocarbon reserves is as follows: I. Iran is endowed with 155 billion barrels of oil equivalent to 10.9% of the global oil reserves. II. Iran owns 18% of the global natural gas reserves equal to 34 TCM of natural gas. III. Iran’s current exploration projects will lead to a considerable increase in the country’s oil and gas reserves. IV. Presently, 62 onshore oil fields,16 offshore oil fields,20 onshore gas fields, and 2 offshore gas fields are in operation in Iran. V. 26% of hydrocarbon reserves and 50% of natural gas reserves are located across Iran’s common borders with its neighbors.'

AGME specialized into Consultancy Services in oil and gas sectors. A team of experts, fully knowledgeable with the business, manages the company implement services and procurement to Governments and Private Sectors. Considering the knowledge of working conditions of our company, enables the team to give specific expert inputs for business partners to successfully procure and execute the projects to the satisfaction of the clients. AGME is associated with reputed Iranian companies, assisting them in locating suitable, qualified overseas partners as collaborators to execute projects in Iran. Alternately, experienced overseas companies are supported by identifying appropriate Iranian associates.